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Key Documents

December 10, 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 217 A (III) known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration is one of the most important documents outlining basic human rights. December 10 is now celebated internationally as Human Rights Day.

On December 14, 1960 the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 1514 (XV).  This document continues to play a key role today. 

In December 1966 the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 2200A (XXI). It entered into force in January 1976.

This site contains the text of many relevant treaties, protocols, conventions and declarations. It also has information on a wide range of human rights related topics including adequate housing, children, HIV/AIDS, indigenous peoples and women.  It has links to other human rights and treaty monitoring bodies including the UN Commission on Human Rights.

African (Banjul) Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights
Adopted June 27, 1981, Organization of African Unity Doc. CAB/LEG/67/3 rev. 5, 21 I.L.M. 58 (1982), entered into force Oct. 21, 1986. In 2002 the Organization of African Union was succeeded by the African Union. PDF versions of the Charter and other documents relating to human rights are available on the African Union web site.  An HTML version the Charter and other African human rights instruments are available on University of Minnesota Human Rights Library.

There are many organizations that investigate and publish reports on human rights violations in Africa.

You can also search for information on particular countries and themes.

Includes documents on over 30 countries.

Zimbabwe and Human Rights on Southern Africa Committee
This page contains links to Zimbabwe human rights NGOs.