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Former colonial powers have enough wealth to alleviate African debt, interview with Richard Knight, The Green Cross Optimist (Geneva, Switzerland), Issue 5, 2005. Opens new browser to another website.

Publications and Articles

The African Activist Archive Project: Preserving the History of the Solidarity Movement by Richard Knight (PeaceWork magazine, February 2008)

South Africa 2006: Challenges for the Future by Richard Knight [PDF file]

South Africa 2006: Population and HIV/AIDS by Richard Knight [PDF file]

Women in Southern Africa Struggle Against HIV by Jennifer Davis, First Quarter, 2005

Kerr-McGee Corporation in occupied Western Sahara - Oil Blocking Path to Freedom? by Richard Knight, February 2005 [PFD file]

Shareholders focus of campaign to end Kerr-McGee's involvement in Occupied Western Sahara, February 28, 2005. Press release.

Outlook 2005: Enhancing Africa's Visibility Key to Budget Challenges on Aid, Debt Relief and HIV/AIDS by Jennifer Davis, January 2005

A Decade of Democracy: Housing, Services and Land in South Africa by Richard Knight, March 2004

A Decade of Democracy: Economic Policy and Development in South Africa by Richard Knight, March 2004

A Decade of Democracy: Government and Elections in South Africa by Richard Knight, March 2004

Expanding Petroleum Production in Africa by Richard Knight, Fall 2002

Zimbabwe: A Dream Betrayed by Janice McLaughlin

The Constitutional Court of South Africa by Richard Knight, July 2001

South Africa: Economic Policy and Development by Richard Knight, July 2001

Housing in South Africa by Richard Knight, July, 2001

Southern Africa magazine
Southern Africa magazine and it predecessors Rhodesia News Summary and Southern Africa News Summary are now avaible on the African Activist Archive Project website.  PDFs of issues can be downloaded.
From 1967 to 1983 the Southern Africa Committee published Southern Africa magazine (ISSN: 0038-3775).  The magazine, published about 10 times a year, focused on the struggles in Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.  The focus was on the liberation movement in these countries and, in some cases, post-independence developments.  The magazine also covered the U.S. government and corporate role in Africa and the solidarity movement in the U.S.  Because of the interest in these African struggles by students and other scholars, Southern Africa magazine, as well as its predecessor publications Rhodesia News Summary and Southern Africa News Summary are currently being digitized and will be available on the web. Copies of the magazine are also available in print and/or microfilm in some libraries. Copies of Southern Africa magazine are available on microfilm and microfiche from UMI (originally University Microfilm) in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  For ordering information visit the UMI web site.  Click on Serials in Microfilm, then at the bottom of the page click on Catalogue. 

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